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Vancouver Guitarist
Photo by Jim VanderPloeg

Camerin Guitar Studios

•There are literally thousands of scales and chords on the guitar. Now try and imagine all of the logical combinations. When inexperienced players attempt to negotiate their way through this forest of information they tend to get lost fairly quickly and subsequently waste a lot of time backtracking in an attempt to fill in all of the holes in their playing.
Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) has developed the perfect roadmap for all guitarists. Scales, chords, theory, fretboard knowledge, ear training, and improvisation are all covered in detail. This internationally recognized program provides the strong direction that was previously missing. You can work through any method that you prefer and learn all of your favourite tunes but still know exactly where you stand and what the next step should be.
•As a Canadian examiner for the
RGT, Sandro would like to encourage all guitarists to have a look at the RGT handbooks and, if necessary, find an instructor in their area to guide them through it.

•For those of you who are already teaching along the
RGT path, here are a few pages that may be of interest.

RGT Blank Preliminary Gr. Quiz (DR)
RGT Blank Grade 1 Quiz (DR)
RGT Blank Grade 2 Quiz (DR)
RGT Blank Grade 3 Quiz (DR)
RGT Blank Grade 4 Quiz (DR)

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